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Kar•an•ga•tang; Pronunciation Key (car-angatang) .verb, n.

A fashion of running primarily used to evade car/people/forest creatures, popularized by a small group of bored teens in northern Virginia.

One does a karangatang by placing their arm behind their head as far as it goes and waving it franticly as if on fire, the other hand covers the crotch. This is paired with idiotic noises and a dead sprint. A highly effective way of escaping from a foe in hopes that they think the "karangatanger" is mentally unstable.

The intensity of the karangatang is directly proportional to the amount of alcohol consumed prior to attempting a karangatang.
group of three walking down a road at night

"CAR! run! ::karangatang::

FOE- that's it i'm going to kick your ass!

karangatanger- shiiiit! ::karangatags::

by thenoblesock August 17, 2006
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