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Karam means "spicy" or "funky."
Did you try that curry? That shit is MADD KARAM!
by jrak August 22, 2006
n. the essence of one's greatness. The part of one's personality that justifies their existence. That which distinguishes one from a worthless pile of molecules.
By losing his karam, Wobbles became Greogg.
by Rob Mac June 28, 2007
a shy person, once you get to know him you'll realize how sweet he is. Charming, sensitive, protective, very smart, funny, active. They can be very sensitive sometimes, watch your words.
Karam: i like someone
Me:oh k...
Karam:what, you dont care about my life?

See, things can escalate quickly. Sometimes they can just be moody :)
by gingercat20 November 18, 2013