The act of over drinking during the day time and rolling over ones laptop with their face.
"Holly shit, did you see Sally yesterday."
"She kaoed the shit out of laptop tryna visit facebook"
by xnofy April 23, 2010
Acronym for "Kick Ass or Surrender".
Person A: Did you register for the KAoS Tournament yet?
Person B: No, I guess I should go get signed up.
by hawk222 April 15, 2010
1. face
2. a VERY bad insult, almost as bad as word CINNY
KAO! KAO! KAO! WAIT FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs up, pauses, and then runs ahead and cackles evilly..MUAHUAHAHAHAHA*
by migosho! February 24, 2003
a japanese girl's nickname that she personally does not prefer. She prefers "Bunny"
Kao is my best friend!
by bunE February 26, 2003
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