Acronym for "Kick Ass or Surrender".
Person A: Did you register for the KAoS Tournament yet?
Person B: No, I guess I should go get signed up.
by hawk222 April 15, 2010
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A way to spell the word chaos to make it look cooler, or perhaps 1337er.
"u is dumfuk"
by junkyardprince October 12, 2003
taiwanese for damn
wa kao! dammit!
waaah kao... daaaamn...
by Anonymous April 03, 2003
One of talks on vent, then when you say his name to get his attention, magically vanishes from his computer.

One who toggles on and off to impress kids who are better than him (basically everyone).

One who sucks at cs because he plays too much WoW.
"Dude, my priestess of the moon is level 36"

"Stop being a kaos fag."
by Tony March 19, 2005
n. The Godfather. One who sleeps with many many many many MANY girls for sport and his own entertainment. Has never seen Finding Nemo, yet has.....
Dude... that Kao's with ANOTHER chick...
by Paul March 31, 2005
The evil enemy organization on the old TV series "Get Smart".
Maxwell Smart worked for CONTROL, while Siegfried worked for KAOS.
by Ben Rollo December 31, 2006
The name of the first born son in a Mien family.

They are USUALLY horriable boyfriends if you date one before he turns 18.

Some of the. come out a really good guys. I know one of them. =)
Lilly: dude im dating kao! im soo happy!!
*kao pops out of no where*
Kao: yeah,um, lilly... you like told someone that we were dating... its over. dont talk to me.. shit dont even look at me. i hate you. get over it.
Lilly: but kao....
Kao: fuck you bitch
Lilly: ...w...h...a...t... *crys*
by "Lilly" August 27, 2008
The callsign of a Los Angeles radio station in Roger Waters' 1987 concept album.
Radio KAOS is about a 23-year-old disabled man from Wales named Billy.
by jcr March 09, 2012

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