Kanye West: Used to describe someone who steals the spotlight given to someone else and ruins the party or night, etc.
Jill was having her baby shower and she was so happy, until Bill pulled a Kanye West and told everyone his wife was pregnant too.

Tim was so happy he won employee of the month until Jamie pulled a Kanye West and ripped his picture off the wall becaues she wanted to win instead.
by Rene33 September 14, 2009
The guy thinks T-Pain is the most important thing in the music industry. He goes so far as to say it's "retarded" that more people don't think so. Enough said.
Watch the short documentary video on the "Good Life" video. It's on youtube. Kanye West's ego is amazing.
by Fat Pawl December 04, 2007
verbally assaulting a girl to the brink of tears, then jizzing in her eyes
My trick was pissing me off, but i was horny so I just gave her a Kanye West
by SWIFTLOVARRRRR November 15, 2009
A gay fish.
Kanye West is a gay fish
by harpua420 April 14, 2009
A gay fish.
Any sane person: Do you like fishsticks?

Kanye West: Yeah of course!

Any sane person: Then you're a gay fish!

Kanye West: What the fuck did you say motherfucker?? I ain't no gay fish!
by kanyewestisabitch April 11, 2009
A general douchebag. He does have occasionally good lyrics and occasionally good beats, but most of the time, his shit is the same as everyone except that it tries to have "soul." The main reason that I dislike Kanye West is because he had his main single, "Jesus Walks" written and produced by someone else.
sez chiseven:
The best part though, is how they attempt to use Kanye's poor lyrics as a way to put me in my place with the "mayonaise colored cars/I push MIRACLE whips" line. Look, that line is stupid. Miracle Whip is a salad-dressing. Look on the label. This little play on words is not really that clever. Who the fuck would pen a line about how awesome it is to drive semen-colored cars besides Kanye West? If your idea is that Kanye West is killing me with homo-erotic rhymes than he can win that battle kid, because I could care less about Kanye struggling to come to terms with his latent homosexuality within the homophobic hip-hop community
by djxplicit April 25, 2005
A corny commercial MTV rapper who completely sucks. He then tries to say he's bringin Hip-Hop back and has a tired Jesus gimmik. If you dont beleave me that he sucks, just listen to "New Work Out Plan" and you'll see.
"No body wants a little tight ass."
"Oh my god your breath is harsh"
the corniest shit you can imagine
by jiggityjacksmak March 01, 2005

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