First of all, I hate him as a rapper, producer and person. He is the biggest arrogant twat i have ever known. He thinks he is bigger than... pretty much everything. However although he himself thinks he is amazing (unwarranted), and cannot rap for shit, calling himself the messiah of hip-hop etc, saying that Jesus Walks is the best song ever, this is not the thing i hate most.
What i hate most is that:
1. People agree that he is the messiah of hiphop - he cannot rap for shit. Some would say he is a decent producer and i cannot deny it, although i would not agree, but what i would say is, College Dropout and Late Registration are 2 of the worst albums i possess (d/l and only so that i can hate on them)
2. He thinks it's cool to drop out of college - why is it cool? If he thinks he's hood for dropping out of college, then what planet is he on. I would have much more respect for him if he was educated, and HAD gone to college.
3. His unbelievable arrogance.
4. His popularity; his music is basically pop, and he gets huge acclaim for it. Why? WHY? I really don't understand it. I almost cry when i hear people say that a song such as 'Gold Digger' is good. It's appalling. He IS saying she's a Gold Digger; that's the whole point of the song.
My friend has a theory that any song, with a shit, repetitive beat, and barely any verse with tons of bridge, hook and chorus, can do well, and after initially doubting it, i see no reason to disagree. I could name hundreds, the best example being 'My Humps' Even the verse is ridiculously uninventive; 'I met a girl, down at the disco, she said hey, hey hey hey let's go!'
I bet that took a load of thinking up, then,
'My Humps, My Humps, My Humps, My Humps, My Lovely Lady Lumps...' It's death in the medium of song, and that is essentially what Kanye is doing in most of his songs. Maybe he is unique, but for me unique in a bad way.

I am possibly saying all this just because i hate most popular music, and i hate crossover; if someone is a rap artist, rap, don't do it for the money. There have been artists who have managed to stay good and make tons - Pac, Biggie, Dre (to an extent). So why does Kanye do pop and call himself a messiah. They already have Usher, Britney... They don't need another popstar.
I hate Kanye West. He deserves to die...
by Kanye Hater February 16, 2006
A Gay Fish
Kanye West likes fishsticks. Therefore, he is a gay fish
by I Hate FishDicks April 28, 2009
A rapper who has an ego blowing out his ass like no other, he thinks that white people are the devil, and belevies that he belongs in the bible and acts like the messiah
Kanye West: "I am the greatest performer of all time and the reincarnation of Jesus, also I'm the gayest of the gay fish"
by DJCotton July 21, 2009
kanye west is a gay fish
eric: yo kanye west do you like fishsticks?
kanye: yea
eric: what are you a gay fish?
by the don1234567891234 April 10, 2009
ass hole
after you shit, wash your kanye west
by UDuser September 14, 2009
Kim Kardashian's other ass.
Kanye West needs to chill out at the Grammys. Beyonce doesn't need help from Kanye, or anyone else, for that matter.
by D.S. Credito March 19, 2015
A fart that you let go in the shower, just before you get out, and which makes you feel gross and dirty again, as if you hadn't had a shower at all.
He: A horrible thing happened to me this morning: just as I was getting out of the shower, I let a fart that swirled around the shower stall and made me feel filthy -- as if I hadn't had a shower and needed to shower again.
Friend: I know what you mean, you poor guy: you let a kanye west.
by ring-tailed roarer October 10, 2009

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