i think Kanye is 1 of the most talented rapper/producers out there. some people can't rap or produce when they try and he has excelled in both. i bought Kanye's CD and i don't even buy CD's. and yes da CD was likes dat. so to everybody hatin' on my boo, FUCK U
Kanye is talented and sexy, it don't get no betta than dat. Kanye is my boo.
by pink February 23, 2004
HOT,REAl,POWERFUL,Finaly some commin out with some real shit.
onee of the bes rapers out
by Kate February 21, 2004
The sound of a leader, something strong something real something wise some true!!!!!
I never in my life listened to a whole rap CD!!!! I feel so excited knowing I have a new sounds and lyrics worth Actually listening too. Thank you Kanye good luck and God Bless!!!!!
by Simone Williams February 24, 2004
The future of hip-hop, telling us the truth thru the medium he knows best - hot beats!

Speaks from the heart. Rapper and producer, all round amazing guy.
Who has the balls to stand up and talk about pain and God, and make it sound good? Kanye West
by nikki April 07, 2004
just three words ;talented,soulful and blessed ,he has very good beats ,he is the best .i have neva liked any rapper as much as kanye,n 2 talk about his album,its really really good ,its one of those u neva wanna skip all the tunes are good.thank u kanye!!!!!!!!!
kanye is da best of all time rappers,n if u don't know it by now ,i dunno...
by rosemary g. March 16, 2004
One of the finest, if I may say so myself, most talented R&B artists to walk the planet. As G-Unit says, Love it or hate it. But you're kind of a loser if you hate him.
Dayum, bitch, I gotsta get my hands on one of 'dem KanYe West CD's. He da bomb!
by Brita April 18, 2005
An ignorant racist rapper who's music is listened to mainly by dumbed down sheep who have become more stupid simply hearing his lyrics.
Kanye should stop rapping about political shit he knows nothing about.
Kanye West: "George bush doesn't care about black people" OR "AIDS was introduced to Africa by the American Government to kill off black people"

Idiot fan: "So true."

normal person: "Fucking idiot...he has no idea what he's talking about and hes a damn racist."

Idiot fan: "dude he speaks the truth"

normal person: *sigh* "dumbass..." *walks away shaking head*
by Intelligentfan1 November 08, 2010

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