adj./adv.: any action that depicts a selfish despicable act, usually ego motivated, generally seen as assholish in nature
He just pulled a Kanye! asshole

Don't be such a Kanye! asshole
by the big fan September 15, 2009
Verb (con-yay) meaning to take a shit in a portapotty or outhouse
I need to go drop a kanye
by someone that matters February 18, 2015
noun. When one is acting like a jerk, an a-hole, a d-bag, or just downright disrespectful and inconsiderate.

In reference to producer/rapper Kanye West's protests of other artists' awards at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009 and the Grammy Awards in 2015, in addition to his many other infantile actions.
When one is acting downright inconsiderate and disrespectful, they are considered to be a "kanye".
"That was so rude of him to say that, what a kanye!"
"Someone just cut me off when I had the right of way, they were being a total kanye."
by Tioka IV February 10, 2015
The new version of the word retard.
You sir are a kanye.
by Sky Dawg December 19, 2013
To rudely interrupt someone without showing any respect or self control, When nobody wants your opinion anyway.
Whilst a gathering of people are having a conversation about Osama Bin Laden, Taylor Swift runs in to the room and interrupts with..

"Now imma let you finish, but Kanye is the biggest asshole of all time! OF ALL TIME!"
by Get-down-off-the-roof-maa! September 25, 2009
(verb) to interrupt or usurp someone while they have the floor or are in the spotlight.

I kanyed Taylor Swift last night at the VMA Awards, cause I just had to let everybody know Beyonce had an awesome video.
by xxxcider September 19, 2009
Verb: To Kanye

1. To be a musical genius

2. To interrupt someone abruptly and rudely but be completely correct
We kanyed that bitch in the pageant last night it was sick.
by City of Destiny November 29, 2010

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