v. to steal someone's spotlight by interrupting them during an important speech or event.
Dude, Elinor Burkett totally Kanye'd Roger Ross Willams last night at the Oscars.
by Team Venture March 08, 2010
A name to call someone who interrupts you or someone else with their own thought.
Person: You would never believe what happened next! The fish jumped out of the water and-
Person 2: Dude, my goldfish died last night!
Person 3: No one cares, Kanye.
by ThatChickWhoLikesWords September 29, 2009
kanye(v.)- to interrupt someone while they are in the spotlight for any reason.
person #1: today my speech is about-
person #2e: hold on imma let you finish, but sally had the best speech ever!
person #3: she just got kanyed!
by k_FunnY1 September 21, 2009
Ghetto slang for "Douchebag interruption".
"That guy is a tool. I kept trying to tell a story and he Kanyed me the entire time."
by GreenParrot713 September 17, 2009
Can be used in substitution for the following: jackass, douche bag, jerk, jerk off, dick, dick mouth, dick hole, dick towel, dick anything really, ass hole, bastard and son ova bitch, punk ass bitch, retarted self loving punk etc.
Guy 1: Damn, did you see that dude just kick that puppy?

Guy 2: Yea, what a Kanye. He should go to hell right now.
by dehjr September 16, 2009
to steal someone's limelight.
It's my birthday, i'm blowing out my candles! Don't Kanye this!
by __lilyy September 15, 2009
adj./adv.: any action that depicts a selfish despicable act, usually ego motivated, generally seen as assholish in nature
He just pulled a Kanye! asshole

Don't be such a Kanye! asshole
by the big fan September 15, 2009
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