Nicknamed K-town its the new hot spot for gang activity especially in wyandotte county on the kansas side and jackson county on the missouri side. the streets are wicked so watch yo back homies slangen around every corner. new gangs be poppin up every day. the biggest gangs and most violent are Westside 29st, westside23st, florencia 13, sur13, folks, southdale bloodz(SLOBS), crips, latin kings, brown pride, black power, spanish diciples, vice lords, C-13, S.M.O.G, 18st, south side.
damn kc is were its goin down now 913 and 816.
by Mardom May 29, 2005
There are two Kansas cities. Kansas City on the missouri side, and KC in the Kansas side. Abbreviated as kck and KCMO. 3/4ths of the city is in KCMO, and very little of it on the ks side. Most of the kck side is industrial districts, and old low income Hispanic neighborhoods. Kansas City is known for barbecue and serve some of the best in the country. The city USED to be known for jazz, but outside of the historic jazz district, (which is shady at night) the city doesn't keep up with the Jazz roots. Kansas City has a growing alternative music scene and is becoming a springboard for many upcoming artists in the genre. Consequently, kc also has a large hipster population, mainly centered in midtown, westport, and west 39th st. Kc is large enough to feel like a big city to suburb folks, but small enough to have a small town feel to people from places like LA NY or chicago. Kansas City has more fountains than any city in the world except for Rome Italy and is known as the city of fountains. KC is also notorious for having winding boulevards all over the urban area which get tourist travelers lost everyday. Weather is completely unpredictable in kc, one day there will be snow on the ground, and the next it will be 72 and sunny. KC has a rep of being a cow town, however the city has a very urban vibe. The country club plaza, known as the plaza, is widely known, but is merely a very beautiful shopping resteraunt district. Overall Kansas city is an average place to live.
Kansas City? Which one?

Kcmo? Yeah been there before its a pretty cool city.

KC is a chill place man.
by King1 November 04, 2014
Smoke any form of tobacco or other things really fast. Comes from the saying chief, like chief a blunt, or chief a cigarette.
I'm going to Kansas City this cigarette real quick.
Kansas City that cig so we can go inside.
by JALDRS December 16, 2011
Nicknamed K-town or Killa City.Wyandotte,KC .Rival to the Bay Area.The most ruthless city for all yall busters who sleep'n.
the biggest gangs and most violentin Kansas city are Westside 29st, westside23st, florencia 13, sur13, folks, southdale bloodz(SLOBS), crips, latin kings, brown pride, black power, spanish diciples, vice lords, C-13, S.M.O.G, 18st, south side,Parkwood,5th st,51st, Quindaro
by Juss Marvelous April 07, 2006
Marijuana, weed, pot. Named after the kansas city football team. They are called the "Cheifs" and when you smoke, you "cheif"
"You tryna go to kansas city?"
by koolio3535 April 12, 2008
weed, marijauna, or any other type of nickname
u tryna take a trip to kansas city???
by lshic January 06, 2008
1.Kansas City, Missouri is not a really nice city in itself. The downtown area is crappy and poorish and East Kansas City is just one of the poorest place in Missouri (after St Louis of course!!). South Kansas City is nicer. Most people who live in South Kansas City are white middle class families. The nicest places are Kansas City's suburbs like Overland Park, Kansas or Independence, Missouri which both look like the perfect All-American suburbs. Home to the Chiefs & Royals.

2. Kansas City, Kansas is one of the major suburb of Kansas City and it's also the butthole of America. Poor as Hell, ugly as Hell, Horrible as Hell. Well the place where you wouldn't like to live in.
I was born and raised in Overland Park, Kansas. OP is the major suburb of Kansas City.
by Maila765 January 08, 2011

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