Two cities with the same name that share a metropolitan area along the Kansas-Missouri border. Kansas City, Missouri (445,000) is twice as large as its Kansas counterpart and known for jazz and barbeque. The Kansas City Metro area is just shy of 2 million people in the middle of the United States. Kansas City is not known for very much and lacks an identity, but is a comfortable Midwest metropolis, nonetheless.
"Where we going, dude ?"

"Kansas City"

"Which one, man?"
by krock1dk December 04, 2007
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A large midwestern city including Kansas City Missouri, Kansas City Kansas, and the suberbs surrounding it. It's very spread out and is a pretty average place to live.
Tech N9ne is from Kansas City, MO. Although he isn't from the East or West coast, he rocks.
by jeFFro May 20, 2005
About 8 hours hours south of chicago. A mini version of Chicago, but with a better football team and without the smelly hobos.
I need a break from Chicago, I think I will go to K.C., a way better city by far.
by bigshow8891 August 15, 2005
1. The most populous city in the state of Missouri.

2. The third most populous city in the state of Kansas.

3. Two separate cities have the name Kansas City.
I'm going to Kansas City.
Which one?
by Fred the Wolf August 12, 2005
the new era of thug life is originating from kansas city MO
"Yo you heard dat kansas city shit"
"man dat shit is tight"
by andrew williams February 08, 2005
What the state of Kansas is known for. Ironically, most of it is in Missouri.
kid: daddy are we in kansas city yet?
father: no son, we have to go through missouri first
by ks person August 02, 2005
Nicknamed K-town its the new hot spot for gang activity especially in wyandotte county on the kansas side and jackson county on the missouri side. the streets are wicked so watch yo back homies slangen around every corner. new gangs be poppin up every day. the biggest gangs and most violent are Westside 29st, westside23st, florencia 13, sur13, folks, southdale bloodz(SLOBS), crips, latin kings, brown pride, black power, spanish diciples, vice lords, C-13, S.M.O.G, 18st, south side.
damn kc is were its goin down now 913 and 816.
by Mardom May 29, 2005

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