Someone once told me the highest thing in Kansas is this one abnormally tall highway overpass, and I believe him.
You want it flat? We've got it flat here in Kansas!
by ijustlivehere January 16, 2006
Kansas Comes from the expression of being flat. The state of Kansas itself is flat, therefore the expression means a girl that is flat.
Damn look at girl, she's hella Kansas.
by February 01, 2005
The 34th state in the USA, which is boring and (mostly) flat. There are just a bunch of farmers and members of the middle class looking for big cheap housing so they can feel like they’re members of the upper middle class, even though they aren’t. Points of Interest are as follows:
Village West –Nothing special, but if you're driving through KS on your way to somewhere more interesting it’s worth a stop, if only to break the monotony of seeing all the cows and corn fields (KS grows more corn than wheat).

Massachusetts Street in Lawrence: Lawrence is the only city in KS with any culture. Mass. Street is notable for its locally owned restaurants and stores.
Great Plains Mall: Not really great, the entire thing would fit in one of the department stores at Mall of America and half the stores are empty.
Renaissance Festival
KU – A decent school that does surprisingly well in basketball
KSU - A decent school
The first 4 places are all close to Missouri for the sole purpose of stealing MO’s tax dollars by drawing people in Kansas City to spend their money in KS, which is rather unfortunate because those rednecks really need the money to fix their roads. In case you didn’t catch it, the majority of KC is in MO. In fact, everything significant that you’ve ever heard of being in KC is in KC, MO, although KC, KS exists. The Kansas City Zoo, Mount Leonard, Union Station, KCI, and Worlds of Fun are actually in MO, despite any Kansan propaganda you may have heard.
John:Where you from
John: I hear Kansas sucks.
Peter: Why do you think I moved away?
by Aphrodora August 02, 2010
Kansas is in the middle of the United States of America. People that come from Kansas are NOT hicks. Kansas isnt all flat because we have hills duh...I'm rly sick of all the ppl tat think we Kansans are stupid. Not everybody lives on farms, and we have big cities. We're not all republicans, and tornados rarely hit, cept for Greensberg but hey life sux get over it...Atleast we dont have hurricans....And not all Kansans go to church on Sun. and shit....Im a emo and Atheist or howeva u spell it..
Kansas is NOT accually all flat, thats y its called the plains.
by *EmoChick* February 15, 2009
The home of the chicken fuckers. The only thing worth seeing there is the world's largest ball of twine.
We should nuke Kansas and Superior, NE and call it Lake Chicken!
by bippityboppityboo March 30, 2009
The hell-hole of the United States of America. Their land is flat and boring. Trust me, drive five miles into it and you'll contemplate suicide. The campus of Kansas University is covered in a pot-smoke haze and the sidewalks are filled with dirty needles and empty pill bottles. Also, KU athletics are considered "outstanding". No one knows how KU athletes are so good, but many suspect steroid use. Another fun fact about KU is that their fight song says "Rock, Chalk. Jayhawk". What kind of shit is that, I mean really? Kansas State University is KU's younger, fatter cousin. KSU always takes last place in everything, due to their illiteracy. Most Kansans blame all their troubles on either:
1. Missouri
2. Missouri
3. Missouri

Psychologists believe Kansans suffers from schizophrenia, because they percieve themselves to be better then everyone else, especially Missourians.
Missourian #1: "Wow, look at that kid from Kansas standing over there."
Missourian #2: "Why is he talking to that wall? What a little freak."
Kid from Kansas: "ROCK, CHALK.......I HATE MISSOURI......BOB SAGET......I HAVE A SMALL DICK........MARIJUANA!!!!!"
by T-ro.B-ry June 11, 2010
Quite possibly the most wretched place in the universe. Sometimes it is referred to as the Ninth Circle of Hell. Known for close minded/ignorant fundamentalist Christians and uptight ass Conservatives.
Home of the Westboro Church who are the biggest bigots in the world and are known for hating Roman Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Mexicans, Gays, Bis, Clowns in rubber trucks, tube socks, Mortal Kombat, and the freckle on my toe (essentially everything and everyone but themselves)

Schools have been known to teach such scientifically laughable beliefs as Unintelligent Design (which follows absolutely no principles of the scientific method). In English they will analyze a piece of text about as much as a semi-retarded wild raccoon. Teachers do not consider students learning needs and frankly just don't give a crap and will discharge all of their funds into sports/the football team.

There is also absolutely nothing to do in Kansas. There's a mall (also known as the Sahara) with hardly any stores and with hardly any people who seem to show the slightest semblance of being alive. Although, you might be lucky to see a bird fly by.

Also, do not intend on any cultural diversity in Kansas. Most of the people are Mexican (because they hopped the border) or hicks. As for the people being nice, I was able to witness a student get physically harassed for being an Atheist and another exiled from the town for being gay.

Also, there may be a few attractive girls but because of susceptibility to religious indoctrination their entire lives they you won't really have a chance with any of them.

There really isn't anything good about Kansas geographically/topographically. The sun is scorching. The grass is dry and lifeless. There's practically no green. If you've ever seen hell in Constantine, that's pretty much what it's like.

I have lived in Kansas. I would mainly sit in my basement and play video games all day out of extreme boredom.

What you learn from Kansas: A poor understanding of the scientific method and a poor understanding of the US constitution.

Ex. 1
Now Entering Kansas: Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

Boy: Daddy...I think we should turn back
Dad: It's too late son...we're already on the first level

Ex. 2
Student: But what about the King's intervention in public and private enterprise and the affect of a theocratic centralized government on the sociopolitical factors of civilized society?

Teacher: Don't you be gettin' smert wid me boi. We talkin' bout Jesus!

Ex. 3
Generic Guy 1: Dude, I'm going to Kansas for the summer. I'm so gonna get laid!
Generic Guy 2: Good Luck. Not only it is illegal to have sex in Kansas, it's virtually impossible...

Ex. 4

Student: I'm an atheist because I am a skeptic and believe we can explain natural phenomena and reality without resorting to the divine

Typical Hick: WHAT YOU BE SAYIN? THE POWER OF KRIST COMPELLS YOU AND WHAT NOT! (grabs object of considerable weight and chucks it at non-believer)

Ex. 5

Bobby: So what do you guys do around here for fun?
David: Fun? AHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Bobby you crack me up...priceless...priceless...(wanders off)

by LordAzel September 21, 2008
a state that is in fact flatter than a pancake. sumone has actually done an experiment where he compares kansas to what a kansas sized pancake would look like, and the pan cake has deep canyons, that make kansas flatter than a pan cake
pancakes arent as flat as u may think! kansas is!
by cookie monster419 November 02, 2005
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