Someone once told me the highest thing in Kansas is this one abnormally tall highway overpass, and I believe him.
You want it flat? We've got it flat here in Kansas!
#kansas #flat #state #boring #cows #manure #pickup trucks
by ijustlivehere January 16, 2006
Hey, it could be worse. I live in northeast kansas, so we're pretty much missouri. Contrary to popular belief, the state is not entirely hicks! I mean, Overland Park (where I live) is considered to be the Orange County of KS. The only true hicks, are those in small towns off the highway and central kansas. So, all in all, hey, we could be Montana! Plus, the Jayhawks rock.
Person A: Yo, where you from?
Person B: Kansas!
Person A: Ugh that sucks yo.
Person B: *Breaks Person A's nose*
#ku #hicks #ks #jayhawks #montana
by lalalalayo July 03, 2009
1. A state only liked by those who aren't native.

2. A decent band.
person- kansas is great
me- shure it fucking is
#band #mid america #flat #sooooooo exciting(not relly) #blah
by Mr. It April 09, 2009
The most boring state in the nation... There's not much to be proud of here except for maybe the "culture" in KCMO- "the plaza" or "downtown"... That's pretty much it... There's at least 1 Robery every night (probably because of all the black people) in kcmo other than Kansas city out in western Kansas there is absolutely nothing to do there is just wheat farms and no trees at all. It's just windy and that's it. It seems that all the towns in western Kansas are just out of touch from the rest of the world and are just small cow towns that have about 3 comfort inn's and at least 5 gas stations. Also the majority of "those" people (people living in western Kansas) seem to be fat Hicks that sit around on the porch all day and smoke cigarettes. Oh and our football team (the chiefs) suck more than ever
Wow dude Kansas sucks there's nothing to do here
#america #kc #kansass #boringness #possibly iowa
by black mexican white guy December 12, 2011
If you like very noisy compared to a large city, But everywhere. Cheap built homes and apartments and lack of law enforcement then this is the place for you. Otherwise enjoy everything else Kansas has to offer.
Bob: Hey lest move to kansas.
Debbie: sure its cheap and affordable
Bob: ya and can pimp my truck and blast my subs without any harrassment.
Debbie: sure Bob we can wake the neighbors 24/7 and the walls are thin and cheap.
Bob: nothing wrong wit that!!
#noise #cheap #crime #beer #freedom
by BubbaRonaldCharles June 22, 2010
to understand, to acknowledge what someone is saying
"i am going to eat dinner"
reply "kansas"
#ok #i get you #ok then #understood #mispelling: cansas
by Jad 7610i October 28, 2005
n: A state in the exact geographical middle of the United States; it has been scientifically proven that the state of Kansas is flatter than a pancake

adj: slang term for a female with qualities similar to those of the state of Kansas: Flat, White and Easy to Get into
Guy 1: O shit, you see Kansas over there?
Guy 2: Yeah, she makes Kansas look like the freakin' Rocky Mountains
by Nidakiv May 18, 2005
Kansas Comes from the expression of being flat. The state of Kansas itself is flat, therefore the expression means a girl that is flat.
Damn look at girl, she's hella Kansas.
by February 01, 2005
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