Someone once told me the highest thing in Kansas is this one abnormally tall highway overpass, and I believe him.
You want it flat? We've got it flat here in Kansas!
by ijustlivehere January 16, 2006
Located in the Midwest, Kansas holds many traditions and is home to many sports teams; college and professional. Most of the population lives in and around the main city, Kansas City. There are many suburbs outside of this urban center. Kansas is home to lots of agriculture and fantastic BBQ.
I love Kansas. It is right in the middle of the US!

Kansas is so fun! I've lived here my whole life.
by deejpeach October 29, 2012
The New York To Missouri's, New Jersey
Kansas is better than Missouri...
Kansas City.... need i say more
Home of one of the greatest rock bands ever?!?!?
by Kawblocker May 24, 2008
Home to the Wichita State Shockers! Arguably the best mascot ever!
Curtis: "I went to Kansas last weekend."
Chase: "Isn't that where the Shockers are from?"
Curtis: "That's right Wichita State, aka Shock U."
by John Sandlin July 15, 2006
Kansas may be described as flat and a hell hole. But contrary to those beliefs, it's not that bad. Yes, it's flat on ONE HALF of the state, the half has tons of hills, ever heard of the Flint Hills? Yes, there's not as many things to do here as there are in L.A. or New York, but we do have places to go and people to see. And we're not all rednecks, we all do have a little bit of country in us though.

And we have pretty good college sports. Ya'll have probably heard of those Gayhawks hailing from Lawrence, but ya'll probably heard of K-State Wildcats too. Both schools have been nationally ranked and played in the NCAA tournament.
Person 1) Hey, did you see that game last night?

Person 2) Which one?
1) Um, Kansas and K-State, I think?
2) Didn't K-State beat KU?
1) Hell yeah they did! And KU was even #1 in the country!

2) What an upset! That's the kind of basketball I live for!
by Wildcat Girl March 05, 2011
The most boringest state EVER!!! I should know because I live there! But when it comes to basketball, that's when we kick ass!!! :P We HATE Mizzou with a passion and don't give a rat's ass cuz we have a beast mascot, the jayhawk. The jayhawk is a magical bird who is all over downtown Lawrence. If you are REALLY FROM KANSAS, YOU WOULD KNOW THIS ALREADY AND SHOULDN'T HAVE TO LOOK IT UP!!! :3
Person 1: Are you from Kansas?
Kansan: Hell Yeah! Rock-Chalk-Jayhawk-KU al the way baby!
Person 1:Is it very fun there?
Kansan: Hell NO! Unless it's basket ball season, then you can have some fun!
Person 1:Ok! I'm coming during March Madness!
by krispybacongirl March 22, 2011
1. A state only liked by those who aren't native.

2. A decent band.
person- kansas is great
me- shure it fucking is
by Mr. It April 09, 2009

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