this is when a person is so fat that their calves and ankles meld together to form one nasty ass leg
check out that fat ho w/ the kankles.
by jew doctor January 27, 2003
When your so fucken fat that you can't tell the difference between your calves and ankles because they're covered in so much lard.
James where are your kneecaps?
I dunno but check out my kankles!
by jim = chunky November 25, 2003
It happens when some one is so fat their knee fat hands down as almost a protective fat layer over thier ankles.
Shit bro Bitch's knee fat hangs down to her ankles. Thems Kankles.
#kanckles #kanks #midgit protection #obese bitch #fat ankle syndrome
by Big tits likes it in the tail August 24, 2008
(this is an alternate definition by my best buddie.) big, ugly, protruding ankles.
"My kankles make my feet stick out wierd in ballet so the dance teacher yells at me when i'm not doing anything wrong !"
#kankles #ankles #jonathan #definition #cankles
by herecomesme May 29, 2007
A kankle is when there is so much fat on your ankles they look like legs.
"Mr.B has pimpily, hairly, warty, kankles!"
by RockstarTammi December 02, 2004
kankles is when u never see ur ankles so its like one big fat ass leg!
look over there jansyn has kankles!there so nastay
by mandyjo March 06, 2005
the ever popular high-heeled shoe from he 80's. this flattering piece of foot wear is pointy at the toe and high heeled like a pump but has an upper that laces tight to the ankle.
wow! those kankles really look hot with your tapered acid-washed jeans.
by stemie March 15, 2005
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