The is no defined ankle, rather than one whole blend of ankle and calf hence kankle. A.k.a Kyle Mazerolle
Kyle you have the biggest kankles ever!
#kankle #kyle #calf #ankle #lack #of
by Kanklelover266 June 01, 2009
Where there is enough fat on a fat persons ankle where you can't even see the ankle.
Your momma seems so fat because she has a kankle.
#fatankle #ankle thats fat #to fat of an ankle #bigass ankle #ankle
by AJVoyles May 07, 2011
A kak ankle
Shit you have a kak ankle, ha ha, kankle.
#ankle #fat ankle #kak #shit #uncle
by TonyTong May 10, 2010
a horrible disease which occurs when the excess fat from the calf merges with the ankle...this forms an area that looks like an extra long fatty calf leading to the foot
Mike Rossetti has the worse case of kankles I've ever seen in my enitre life, I mean those things are massive.
#kankles #cankles #fat #ankles #skankles
by FuzzyBoSack October 05, 2006
normally associated with 'cankle', the combination of calf and ankle predominant of fatasses. However, this relates to the same body part in a non fatass.Thus making this more rarely seen than of the traditional cankle.
While trying to be openminded with Chase's new pie, it becomes impossible to get past her having kankles; much like her jordache jeans and leg warmers/cankle warmer.
by SCM November 05, 2004
a very fat ankle that is just an extension of your calf.
gwenith paltrow in Shallow Hal
by Curt December 05, 2002
When the calf goes to the foot
Stacey Fraser has kankles
#kankles #stacey #fraser #fat #legs
by Bobbeeena December 21, 2008
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