a fat ankle that blends straight to the calf
-also see cankle
That fat person has a good set of kankles
by slopass December 20, 2002
where your ankles look really fat and like "kegs," hence Kankles... (kegs and ankles)
"wow her ankles look HUGE in this photo"
"yeah, just like kegs..."
"LOL, cronic KANKLES"
by Sarah Coolbeans December 18, 2009
where the calf fat ends and the ankle fat starts. It's like two seperate countries forming to make one huge giant nasty country.
damn dude look at that kankle!!

yeah thats fucking gross i cant tell where the calf fat ends and the ankle fat starts
by kanklejudgefudge June 19, 2009
When someones leg has no ankle,
when someone has tree trunk legs

so their leg goes straight down without turning it at the ankle.
someone has kankles when their leg looks like they dont even have an ankle as it goes from leg to foot
by limabean256 June 29, 2009
It is someone who's ankles and calfs are the same width, they look like kankles because they are now as one.
"Wow Michael look at her ankles.."
"Mate there not ankles they're kankles, the calf n ankle are the same width"
"Aw so there is a name for that deformity(I)"
by amawanker May 10, 2009
the freakish comingling of ankles and calves which forms a long, blob-like arc down a fatty's leg.
Chris Wimer has kankles.
by bee-dub December 18, 2005
when the ankle bone is not defined on the leg,thus it is a kankle!!
looks like u only have a calf and then foot!!!!ya dont have to be fat to have them!!its just a default!
by zlim July 09, 2005

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