a breed of pig
kani-kani - Ooink
by mjs March 12, 2003
Top Definition
a kani is an Australian term describing a sort of a young yobo. they like 50 cent, eminem etc and act all tough. They wear 'KANI' brand clothes, which is were the word comes from. These clothes are very shiny, think Ali G. They travel in BMX bikes, and favourite activities include smoking, vandalising. And once old enough to get a car they put a sik bodykit on their falcon/commodore with a big subwoofer and muffler. The Kanis age range is blured as its from about 6 to mid 20s, after this they become yobos.
"Hey that kani stole my TV, and hes getting away on his BMW"
by someguy February 24, 2005
a)a psychotic strange man who tends to threathen people with bizarre and often innane torture

a)Does anyone know what the hell Kanis is on about?

b)The other definition was not written by the real Kanis, this one was.
by Kanis October 19, 2004
a tough dude who dont take no shit from no one. a word used when u see someone u dont want to fuck wit
that dude is Kanis
by kanis December 20, 2003
Slang for Canibiss
Pass us some kani, bro
by mjs March 12, 2003
mij's bitch
kani, get me a drink, you hoe
by mjs March 12, 2003
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