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1. adj. similie - gravy train.
The act of soiling ones self whilst running or falling from a great hieght.....or both.
Oh sweet thor. The entire cast of Emmerdale Kamilied whilst running the Marathon! Back to you Bob.

2. noun
Kamily is a noun.

3. verb similie - Masterblaster
A strange crotch dwelling creature. Looks similar to cousin it fornicating with a midget whilst trying to....well no ive never been able to get this far without crying into my own mouth.

4. Onomatapia. Similie - Hydro farts, A mexican choking on hair, The sound made when you vomit on fire,
The sound it makes when you drop one.
i think your one tit short of an udder.

Don't point your Kamily at me you shit!

Hubert was a strange boy who liked to collect Kamilie's face.
by ouguhiyhbibhihbiu January 18, 2007

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