lanky and has big ears. is friends with horses, giraffes,a fish , shrek , gay guy, and a sexy guy. sometimes acts like an ass hole ..*cough most of the time coughs* .. emm .. dances with poles and chickens in a shoe shop and likes to eat cheese and banana sandwichs.. weeeeeeeeeeird.
fish: blub blub.. me hungyy
kamil: feeds cheese and banana sandwich
giraffe: Me pot head wooop wooop I love Elle
Gay guy: i wna dance with somebody, with somebody in a shoe shop..
horse: Yee haaw, yee donkey.. I looove Shrek..
Shrek: i look sexy in tights i love smelly..
Sexy guy: im goin out with my girlfriend shortyy tonight.
by i am a whipperschnapper April 13, 2009
Top Definition
One who is destined to rule the world. Of royal blood
look at his leadership, he's kamil!
by virushark January 08, 2004
a) Polish
b) wants to be emporer
c) smarty pants
by Anonymous May 20, 2003
The best person you'll ever meet.
Kamil: Lets go out
Everyone: Yeah sure, you're too cool to say no to, even if we have revision to do!
by HAHAHA. HELLO? April 17, 2009
a) one who wants to destroy/conquer the world b) annoying person c) one with a brilliant intellect d) one of pure evil e) concerning extreme pornographic images
Hitler was such a kamil.
Cicero had a kamilian mind.
by master limak May 20, 2003
sexy kid , knows how to party, perfect, and usually a beast at soccer !
-dammn u see this kid all the ladies love him

~yeh no shit his name is kamil
by 031393 January 10, 2010
This blonde Polish dude I've known since the second grade and have shared almost every class with ever since. Named most intelligent male for middle school superlatives. Plays soccer. Is a realist, and sometimes it seems to make him a pessimist. Sometimes predictable? Tall. Technologically inclined. Is, surprisingly, on student council.
Teacher: Aw, man! The computer's not working :(.
Class: KAMIL!!!
by Kegrada September 05, 2012
A boy who is obbsessed with his looks and always thinks that he is correct. He thinks hes the best at sports such as basketball and possibly soccer. He also uses slang terms to make people believe that he is funny. He in other words is a young polish thug who plays games online and ofline.
That kamil uses that word a lot does he really think he is tough? Id drop kick him in the face.
by Rex from nebraska April 24, 2011
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