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My name being Kalyn, I'd have to say it means completely spontaneous, open-minded, fun, and...crazysexycool.
Like when you run out into a snow storm in like a wicked hot bikini and are equipped with your ghetto blaster on your shoulder and dance your heart out...I believe that encompasses the terms required to be "Kalyn."
by Kalyn January 22, 2005
108 108
A girl of high priority ; respectful ; kind , caring , loving ; amazingly beautiful ; very unique and talented .
Why can't I be a kalyn , she's f**king awesome !
by - kaybear May 05, 2009
164 76
f**cking excellent!
I love it, it's kalyn!
by polly January 19, 2004
209 139
simply AWESOME!
by Raul March 08, 2003
180 121
Something indescribably good, can be used as a weapon of mass confusion.
Example? Why? Umm...

How can I give an example of a person?
by mchief343 July 06, 2004
140 110
Most wonderful person in the entire world. Makes me smile so big that my mouth hurts. Had no idea that she was so awesome.
Wonder if Kalyn will get this....
by WonderingNightmare February 22, 2012
41 37
A little ball of energy. Kalyns never walk places, instead they bounce. It's rare to see a Kalyn walk without putting a bounce in her step. Kalyns are always giggling all the time and don't know how to control their laughter. Most of the time Kalyns don't know what's going on, so they just go with the flow and act like they are aware of whatever is going on. The loudest they can talk is a whisper, so it is hard to listen to them when they are talking to you.

Oh and Kalyns smell.
Boy 1: Why is that girl bouncing?
Boy 2: She's probably a Kalyn.
by haystackgurl April 21, 2013
16 13