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Indian Language (i forgot which one out of the 50+) word for black guy. Used instead of the N word so they won't get mad after they rob our convienence store and shoot us.
"Damn this kalu is entering my store. What is this? Damn kalu, trying to get a free slurpie, i'll show him."

"Excuse me, u kalu, you didn't pay your taxi fare."
Kalu says: What did you call me?
"I called you a kalu, you know friend and faithful customer, please don't hurt me."
by ShubDogg January 20, 2004
Said: (kah-loo)
A Sri-Lankan word, meaning black

As in the colour black, Also a common Sri-Lankan name for a black cat... as spot is common for a dog (in English)
Guy 1: Hey whats your cats name
Guy 2: Kalu
Guy 1: Huh?
Guy 2: It's Sri Lankan for black....
by pseudonymisafunnyword September 12, 2008
A really badass person who will not hesitate to devour your kinfolk and then proceed to make love to 20 virgins.
Also can just mean badass.
Damn, after beating up all those biker gangs I feel like such a Kalu.
by Bubba Robinson July 18, 2005
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