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cute, quirky, artsy type. loves steve martin
She's a Kalah. not to be confused with kahla or kahlua. although she is sweet and intoxicating
by anna mazac February 03, 2010
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Cute girl with nice hair. Loves American Eagle and Hollister and doesn't wear dirty clothes. A sweet christian girl who really, really, really loves Jesus. She likes Akiva Shaffer, George Harrison, and other unique celebrity men. She loves the shows Scrubs and Freaks and Geeks. She makes birthday cakes for her celebrity crushes. She doesn't crush on men who aren't semi famous. She makes you laugh all the time and is always a friend to those in need. She always works hard and has many odd jobs. She does good in school and can sing like an angel. People love her no matter what and she loves them too.
Kalah is the epitome of wonderful.
by Alexandriakinda July 13, 2010
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A young man about a dollar and family, humble and wise but can be ignorant at times. A project baby thats a gentleman but a still shoot you in the face. (Kalah is a slang term used in the Samoan language that means dollar and is properly pronounced as Ta-lah)
Her: Wyd

Him: Tryna run up dem Kalahz Lil bih
by 1800Kalah March 13, 2017
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