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Can be used for any object. Just as "Thingamajig"
You can use this kajigger here to loosen those screws
by DB January 15, 2005
to make something work whether it wants to or not.
hang on, i gotta go kajigger the doohickey so she'll shut up and leave me alone.
by dippst September 30, 2013
To adjust slightly, usually imprecisely, to bring something into sync or just out of sync.
"It's one of those 3-D pics with the red-blue kajiggering."
by Tim Susman May 29, 2007
A unit of measure used commonly in physics to denote how much force must be exerted to move an object.

Common Abbreviation: kJ
Derek: Hey dude whated you get on #14?

Me: 1456 kaJiggers, or 1.456 Jiggers.

Derek: W-Hat?
by matthew cotton May 16, 2006
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