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Can be used for any object. Just as "Thingamajig"
You can use this kajigger here to loosen those screws
by DB January 15, 2005
67 5
to make something work whether it wants to or not.
hang on, i gotta go kajigger the doohickey so she'll shut up and leave me alone.
by dippst September 30, 2013
2 0
To adjust slightly, usually imprecisely, to bring something into sync or just out of sync.
"It's one of those 3-D pics with the red-blue kajiggering."
by Tim Susman May 29, 2007
14 27
A unit of measure used commonly in physics to denote how much force must be exerted to move an object.

Common Abbreviation: kJ
Derek: Hey dude whated you get on #14?

Me: 1456 kaJiggers, or 1.456 Jiggers.

Derek: W-Hat?
by matthew cotton May 16, 2006
13 65