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1. (改造) Japanese word meaning "modded" or "hacked".
2. A genre of ridiculously difficult video game hacks that tend to feature a lot of trial-and-error gameplay. Named for the Super Mario World ROM hack "Kaizo Mario World".
3. Anything resembling a kaizo hack in difficulty.
1 & 2. "Have you tried Kaizo Pac-Man yet? It's pretty intense."
3. "Shit, this game is really kaizo."
#kaizou #asshole #hard #tough #difficult #kaizo hack
by Valigarmander April 02, 2013
asshole in Japanese. feel free to use it to insult people.

Bob: hi!
Phil: *punches bob*
Bob: Kaizo!
#kaizo #asshole #mario #bros #hardest level #skater boys
by emperor_guy April 19, 2009
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