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Kaizers Orchestra is a Norwegian band that uses the most unusual and creative ways of creating amazingly original music. Their lyrics deal with different issues then love, like most artists. Instead, Kaizers sing about Heaven, Hell, Russian Roulette, and they tell strange stories of quirky characters and their adventures. They are a great band, one of the best ever, despite being different.
Kaizers Orchestra is a Norweigan rock band. Actually, it's kind of not rock. It's... well... it's not really any genre at all. XD
by Xiao May 04, 2005
Kaizer's Orchestra is a Norweigan rock band. The sextet is known for their unique sound and amazing live shows, which often involve playing on empty oil drums. Their lyrics deviate from the usual themes of love and relationships, and tend to lean more toward themes of revenge, russian roulette, and fighting. Many of their songs are also about certain characters, who tend to show up in several songs on an album. One of the most common symbols of the band is a gas mask, an article which is always worn by one member of the band.
The cry of fans at a Kaizer's Orchestra concert: Save me Kaizer!
by Phobic July 09, 2006
An arcane band from Norway who sing in Norwegian about war, insanity and "machinery"; somewhat vintage/steam-punk. It's alternative/gypsy-rock/ They play guitar, oil barrels, crowbar, the bass with a tap/strum, and drums. They are six members, whom have stage personalities. Their symbol is a gasmask, and suits.
1. FRIEND: What is Kaizers Orchestra?
KZ FAN: That's Mr. 250% on organ.
by civerson July 06, 2010
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