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awesome blue eyes and they're partially grey
they're usually nice and a good person to confide in
mostly have a small nose, mouse like
they're pretty
they're the shit
person 1: did you see that girl? she's so pretty
person 2: oh yeah that's kaileigh... she's the shit!!

person 1: i want to meet someone who's nice, awesome and has a mouse nose

person 2: that's a kaileigh!
by slappinhoez789 May 21, 2010
65 29

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a beautiful blonde babe, most likely a cheerleader, or in general, very athletic. with killer eyes and a sexy body. a Kaileigh is perfect girlfriend material.
"i heard you took Kaileigh to the movies last night"
"yeah im in love with that girl"
by niggabeef September 01, 2013
16 4
Is a name given to those who are amazingly beautiful.

Kai-Leigh's are unique, funny, witty and clever individuals.

They make the best kind of friends and are always there for you.

If Kai-Leigh calls you her friend you are extremely lucky.
Kai-Leigh is a variant of the beautiful name Kayleigh popularised by the song of the same name that reached number 2 as a UK hit for British Prog Rock band Marillion in 1985.
by Cnumb February 05, 2010
18 6