A lonely and tight pussy.
Usually untrimmed with long strangly hair that has pieces of dry blood.
Boy: "Dude that girl is such a Kagina"
other Boy: "I know, i bet every hair is a foot long"
by ATHENIS November 19, 2007
Top Definition
Similiar to the Weenis it is the extra skin between the index finger and the thumb on your hands.
His Kagina had been all torn up from throwing around balls all day.
by ArcherMitch December 05, 2007
the are in between your knuckles where the stretch of skin is.
Dude i have like no kagina hair!
by Johnass November 20, 2007
It's actually the skin under your neck!
Wow!, do you see that girls huge kagina!?

I know!, and her kagina's all hairy to!

by Sexyyyyyy Bitchhhhhh August 03, 2009

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