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kaffa is a insulting word used at black people, the word originated from South Africa or in other words South Kaffrica, ahahahaha
"Dino you stupid kaffa go dig a hole for me"
"Hayden can run fast because he's a kaffa"
by anonymisss September 09, 2005
Kaffa, the racial slur for black africans in south africa. Kaffa= Nigger
Hey, get that kaffa out of here, this is a all-whites restaurant!
by Anonymous October 19, 2003
Word for the black drink called coffee, used in larger parts of the world. Originaly from the area Kingdom of Kaffa in ethiopia also called the Hansténs birthplace in Jeppis.
lets go have a Kaffa.
by Benbenso November 07, 2007
Afrikans for Black Slave Boy, Whipping boy, house nigger.
Lick my boots Kaffa
by Frank February 19, 2004
The meaning of a cunt
oi you fucking caffa get your rat out, ive got a rod of iron
by babys arm September 09, 2003

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