a mis-spelled word meaning "cake" it is easier to type than "cake" because you press less different keys on the keyboard
"Happy birthday, heres your kaek! Maek a wish!"
by NewBKaeK January 05, 2005
Top Definition
1. Someone who has done something so stupid, looks stupid or just is generally stupid. (Derived from 'Nubcake' or 'Noobcake')
2. Something you cut with a MacBook Air
3. One of the best things to OM NOM NOM NOM NOM
Tass: 'Omfg wang you are such a kaek you just got naded by that nub. '

Wang: 'Ur a kaek. I pwn j00 in CSS.'
Tass: 'Lies.'

Tass: 'James is teh biggest kaek in the world, raet?'
Wang: 'Yah srsly.'

Example: Nick is going to bake a kaek so Tass can cut it with his MacBook Air.
by Chris Tass-Parker November 18, 2008
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