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an ass
used mostley for a big wide or fat ass
shittt you seen that bitchis fine ass kadunkadunk
by will August 11, 2004
someone who has a wide juicy, thick scrumptuous fat ass. Remember this person has a fat ass they are not a fat ass person there's a big difference!
I was wlkin down the street and i saw dis girl with the fattest damn kadunkadunk!
by Benya_Benya November 17, 2005
Fat Booty
Yo dat hoe be havin baggin kadunkadunk
by Seymore Busts April 23, 2003
Ka = Kick Ass
Dunk = Big Ass
Kadunk: Nice kick ass booty.
Bob: "Man that girl's got some kadunk kadunk."
by Welby May 13, 2005
Kadunkadunk started out as a huge mistake I was asking a friend to play a song by Twista-called Badunkadunk well sort of-I said Kadunkadunk, it became a word kinda like oops, that has followed me around like crazy from Redondo Bch.,CA to Sunland, CA now everyone calls me Kadunkadunk thanks Charro!!!
Kadunkadunk, I forgot my man's gettin' released today from the hooskow!
by Donna (Kadunkadunk) Wright April 16, 2005