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As per Dave Chapelle, "kadonkadonk" refers to a woman's ample rear end, aka junk in da trunk.
Yo, check out her kadonakdonk
by T-Bag June 11, 2004

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having a very large back side...
backround: from the streets
I got a big kadonkadonk
by mary August 03, 2004
the name for an abnormal large head placed on a girl named kim
damn, how does kim carry that kadonkadonk head around all the time?
by moesha July 20, 2004
immensley large breasts, jugglies, hoo-hoos, jublies, boobies, breastasis
"Look at the kadonkadonks on that fine piece of meat!"
by Claudia and Deniece August 19, 2003