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kacey is an attention whore. kacey cutter, cuts for attention. beware of her! she ruins lives of the people with real emotional problems and leads on her poor unsuspecting boyfriend. (kacey cutter is also known as Mcslut, she cheats on her boyfriend(s) and often tells them that she is depressed, she enjoys watching them suffer to make sure her 'emotional problems' are solved)
she lifts up sleeve to see her 'cuts' and looks around to see if people are watching.
when interrigated she often comes up with a satifactory answer until proof is given that the 'answer' was a lie.
when kacey cutter is at a loss for answers she often will claim that she was raped or abused or is 'emotionally unstable'
kacey cutter is an actual person, but is also a name to describe other attention whore cutters.

ex. 1

regular person: ughh im so stressed, i hate myself.
me and KaceyHater friends: ugh don't be a kacey cutter!
regular person: *laughs out loud*

*kacey hater friends and reg. person continue to make fun of kacey cutters

ex. 2

kacet cutter: *casually yawns and leans over with arm stcuk out and slowly pulls up sleeve.*
*looks continuously at wrist and exclaims "IT itches omggg it itches!" while looking around to see if anyone is looking.

Kaceyhaters: find some other people to give you attention.
we're not going to fuel your attention fire.
we're sick of you making us nervous wrecks. go ruin someone elses lives or least leave long enough so we can talk about you behind your back.
by Henregard December 04, 2006
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