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there you go; what now bitch; suck it
you want some mutha fucking pie? there, ka bam, biatch!
by m deezy August 11, 2006

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A notorious group of girls who was just amazing! They and the best friends you could ever have they will always have your back if you are part of a KABAM or have the privilege of knowing a KABAM girl you will know of just how awesome they are
kelly: hey did you hear about those KABAM girls?

abbie: yes their just so cool

becky: i want to be one

amy: hey guys we are KABAM!

megan : OMG!
by lilypop1515 October 28, 2010
when u drink many energy drinks and u feel like stripping
i feel like kabam ....hahahaha try it urself............
by hahahahabambambam May 24, 2008