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Virtual Band Manager
Dude, my band just uses and we've already got three shows lined up!
by ben_music October 21, 2010
7 5
The type of nerd who is always willing to come to the rescue when a friend needs tech support.
Melissa dropped her laptop, and the screen shatters, knerd comes in saves damsel in distress(screen repaired)
by TheKnerd September 26, 2011
14 3
A "kute nerd". A good looking nerd.
"That guy over there with the taped glasses and pocket protector is SUCH a k-nerd!"
by TopScore April 01, 2009
3 1
an extremely annoying and geeky person
That knerd is gay.
by b rad June 03, 2003
6 18
Gays And george
George N. is a knerd
by Mike February 02, 2004
0 18