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1) when you take to much special K and feel like you're sinking

2) a really bad situation you can't get out of.
1) ahh larry took to much special K and he's passed out and drooling

2) fuck I hate this town, it's like we're stuck in the k hole
by cari May 17, 2003
The experience had while under the influence of ketamine (K/Special-K).
Whoa, did you see Chinco totally lost in that k-hole?!
by Tony Rayo May 16, 2003
the feeling you get after having excess ketamine that can be overcome by taking more ketamine or next time taking twice as much
dfyu areuif rloeo0fb dhfggnbd
by Jamie November 29, 2003
Doing too much Ketamine (Special K). Very unpleasant.
"Don't do too much K nigga, or you'll slip into a K hole."
by Vitiman K NIGGA April 13, 2003
To have a "bad trip" while on ketamine (aka Special K). The feeling has been described as horrific by many who have succumbed to this hallucinatory state of disorientation and confusion in which one may be stricken with feelings of extreme anxiety and paralysis, similar to having fallen down a well.
When I fell into that k hole, I felt like I was about to die for what seemed like an eternity, then a few seconds went by and I was fine.
by noir June 28, 2005
A huge problem in a beat-em up game when you pick-up one weapon and have another in hand adn then when you try to whap someone with it than you pick up your original weapon
I wanted to smack jack but I was in a weapon K-hole!
by Finalfighter June 20, 2004