A crisp, sweet cider with a sharp aftertaste. Very high in alcohol content, some may even say potent at 8.4%.
Often chugged by the chaps, an often essential sidekick to any night out in the trendy/hipster infested city of Lichfield.
Usually found in 500/440ml cans, the latter of which won't get you as chugged. Obviously.
Warning: Do not exceed 4 in one night unless you enjoy broken ribs.
A common conversation about Ks:
Dave Punk Rock "eyyy err, can you get us some Ks Chaddy?"
Chaddy "I don't think that's wise dave, you'll get K'd again..."

A common conversation after having consumed Ks:
Chaddy "LOL, let's take this large electronic kitchen furniture to a party!"
Dave Punk Rock "Eyyy errr, just let me errr spin my errr good old willy around first ehhhhhh LOL"
by Loz Cook April 12, 2009
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Online: 1. A term of acknowledgement; esp. without particular interest.
Let's go rent some pornos.
by Brian Black February 27, 2003
The 11th letter of the alphabet.
Fourth letter of the F bomb.
Prefix for kilo which equals 1000
People too lazy to spell "OK" use this letter instead.
A strikeout in baseball.
-.- in morse code.
Symbol for potassium in the periodic table of the elements.
If you see K, tell her I want some.
by 50 cent crack dealer July 31, 2003
1: the response a girl uses when she is pissed off at you, if you dont tell her what she wants to hear, or if you are just straight up annoying

2: the shortened version of "okay"

3: the letter people use when they are to lazy to say okay
boy: "you are a b*tch"
girl: "k"

guy 1: "lets go get some food"
guy 2: "k"

friend 1: "ill talk to you later"
friend 2: "k"
by wolfmeister January 15, 2011
1. A short version of "ok" (used mostly online)

2. Slang name for an "AK-47"

3. A letter of the alphabet
1 "let's go to the park, k?

2. "Pull that K out homie"

3. the letter "K"
by AC April 23, 2004
Stands for the number 1000. Most often used to refer to a monetary figure.
1K = $1,000
30K = $30,000

They're offering a 40K salary for the job.
by max March 10, 2004
The ultimate insult. If someone texts you this, they're pretty angry or they just don't like you.
Text Message -

Alex: You still coming tonight?
Jess: Sorry I'm going to the cinema with Brad now
Alex: k.
by AliceJones__ June 29, 2010
ketamine- 2-(2-Chlorophenyl)-2-(methylamino)- cyclohexanone.

powered god
its a thin line between genus and insanity and I think I just snorted it.
by Anonymous October 15, 2003
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