A jyoti is also one to be directly associated with filth, and thus the color of brown. A jyoti prefers to be around others with the same level of dirty, and when submersed in non-brown atmospheres she begins to suffer a shangrillaiosis involving ripping of apendages and violent screams of "HOOLIO." In such an instance the jyoti often finds herself venturing to other countries with high concentrations of this earth substance. There she can feel at ease, and no longer has to dress in brown shirts declaring that she is "dirty."

Science has much to thank to the jyoti, for recently both medeleev and hasslebach have discovered that:

Ironically enough, the jyoti plans to further her education on the study of brown at...no no not BROWN, but cornell, the DIRTY ivy, go figure. Here the jyoti hopes to assist in reversing the above equation, enabling one to derive a jyoti from mud. Clearly this will allow the university of Cornell to plunge into ultimate filth, possibly changing its mascot to the earthworm and its colors to those of brown and well, brown.

Clearly a jyoti is to dirt as the spice girls are to girlpower.
Mom: Clean the jyoti off your feet before you enter this house or no dessert!!
by kumar fools April 30, 2005
Top Definition
a very sexy individual
dymmmmmmmmmmmm ur so jyoti
#sexy #cute #popular to bo0t #grate hair #wanted #so hot #everithing ur not
by jyoti December 14, 2005
the coolest punjabian mundia in the world who is also a smart ass!! thats right!! mmm hmm!
what a jyotster that kid is!!
by scaliwag April 29, 2005
adj. silly in a fun sort of way; overly obsessed with harry potter; cute; hyper
why are you being so jyoti? the book's not coming out until july!
by parvati patil June 21, 2005
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