juvi-(n)(hoo-vee) it is a cigarette. this term is often used by a bunch of qual basts in central New York.

juv-(adj) means to smoke.
Hey Bast can i get a juvi?


Wow, its juvi time!

My favorite place to juv is in The Gui.
by aqua Drop December 06, 2010
Top Definition
slang for juvenile hall
Daemons dad went to juvi for 2 years, and he was a pussy when he came out.
by fuck u r mom July 31, 2005
short for juvinile. which means in my opinion a strict ass place with shity food and even shityer staff. huge metal doors and cold showers.
"hey i spent a year in juvi and didn't get ass raped i'm either really lucky or really ugly."
by ILL1 October 31, 2007
A drink at Michigan Tech named after Juvi of the Mama's Boys. A combination of 50/50 Amaretto and Parrot Bay.
Give me a Juvi.
by former mama's boy August 11, 2010
were u get ass raped
i went to juvi for 2 years
by Blake September 03, 2003

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