A hairy beast of a man usually found at the bar between the hours of midnight and 2AM. This subject is the worst of the worst when it comes to bad pick up lines. He makes loud growling noises when left to his own and normally has a large stain on his pants around his pelvic region. A real wast of human skin.
Bill: Look at that skumbag at the bar.

Julia: Yeah he tried to pick me up by saying "Heaven must be missing an angel" I said "Why?" and he said, "Because you landed in my life"

Bill: Damn, what a Justin.
by Masek One March 13, 2010
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The ugliest fucking person ever alive. A man whore and likes to suck cock. They're a fatass who has no friends, and spends all day playing video games. Also, he's so fucking retarded.
Me: Ew, do you see that person?
Josh: Yeah.
Me: Must be a Justin.
by toohot4 u December 13, 2009
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a justin is a cheating good for nothing nobody who lies

to every one and always sucking one person dick

a justin is a lozer thinks hes a man but hes not

he a lil kid who breath kicking
ugly justin
by watchoutniggah July 04, 2009
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an extremely hot male. he usually has amazing, but wacky skills at basketball. is unusually obsessed with long socks,and has a temper but is the cutest, funniest guy you will ever meet. sometimes called Siilver. totally amazing.:
you just have to meet him.
cuz justin is that amazing.
by PSEUxDONYMM January 14, 2009
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Justin, a HUGE doucher, a boy who deserves to die, sexy but needs to get a fucking clue about how to treat girls, he makes 13 year old girls fall for him and give him BJs, he pretends to care and will leave as soon as he gets your pussy, he's a genius but he's fail his freshman year 3 times, a pedofile, comes back as soon as you get over him, needs to get a life and treat people better. End of the description of Justin. (Not ALL Justins)
*Boy comes back after having sex with a girl and leaving her for months RIGHT after she gets over him FINALLY!!*

Boy" Hey..."
by rabidkitty October 04, 2010
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A really stupid, Obese, And spoiled Kid.
Shut the F$&@ Up you justin
by jacobislife May 23, 2016
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TONTO,MENSO,DUM,Smacks asses, and everyone hates him
by g,jdhcjdajhdcvcjvdkhvf.khdv September 10, 2016
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