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when you and your friends come up with an excuse to smoke another bowl. The whole point is that you actually have a reason to smoke. thus the phrase, justified bowl.
Joe:Hey man, lets smoke a bowl while we wait for charles to get here.(justified#1)
Dan:Sure , lets just do one now and one when he gets here.
Joe:Oh thats good stuff, but i dont think im totally gone yet, lets do another. (Justified bowl #2)
Dan:If your gonna do more im in too.
Dan:Where the fuck is charles? he's been gone for hours.
Joe:If he isn't coming back then why wait??? (Justified #3)
Dan:Oh man i cant even take a hit, im done.
Joe:Its new years! come on,lets do another bowl(justified#4)
Dan:we've done 4 bowls, im done for good this time.
Joe:well what if i come up with a way to justify it?
Dan:theres nothing you can say to justify a 5th bowl!!
Joe:you only live once? live life to the fullest? nobody here cares that were baked? i have so much weed left?
Dan: No, No, No,.and No, i cant be justified for a 5th.
Joe: Ok fine, well im justifying it by justifying it.
Dan: OK, good enough, pack the 5th.
(charles FINALLY arrives)
Joe:Charles is here! lets smoke a bowl! (justified bowl#6)
Charles: hey can we pack one more, ive only smoked one bowl so far tonight.
Joe:He justified it!!! lets do our 7th! (justified bowl #7)
Charles: SEVENTH????
by bobbbbby January 01, 2008
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