Justice is what all superhero's eat for dinner. for breakfast they have nails, for lunch they have pork chop sandwiches, and for dinner they have JUSTICE.
Robin What do you want for dinner christian bale... i mean... Batman?

by CharliebitmeT-painRemix January 20, 2010
Friend #1, "You think I'm going to beat this possession charge"? Friend #2 "I dunno, how much Justice you got"? Friend #1, "Like $500". Friend #2, "Nope, you're fucked".

"Do you have change for this justice"? (As your handing someone a large bill)
by Ulfhednar1312 June 03, 2014
A guy with ridiculous hair and has never heard of a haircut. Gets all the girls, and is very popular. Can be sweet, but also quite pervy. Really awkward at first, but once he warms up to you he's really cool and nice. He's a poser and he runs with his hand on his hair and holding his jeans. Plays guitar and piano and is great to joke around with. Is a sweetheart and will watch Titanic with you. SUUPPERR romantic, and definitely acts like a girl sometimes. There's always a side about Justice that you don't know about, so don't be quick to judge because there's just always more to learn.
"Hey look it's Justice! He's soo cute" *drools*
by Nloe January 28, 2014
Doing the right thing, no matter the cost. To see wrong put to right. A step towards peace. Often seen as painful (eg. brought this criminal to justice) yet true justice is heading towards something right. (eg. giving an employee working their ass off a promotion)
"Your culinary crimewave has crashed upon the shores of justice!" - The Tick

"The price of justice? Freedom." - Judge Dredd
by EscapeTheApe November 14, 2012
The late eighties and early nineties original gangster rapper from Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Was one of the first New Yor's MCs Had a mouth full of gold, and was down with KRS-One. Most popular song, "Put That Record Back On". A really rare album is The Desolate One. It's just that tight.
Put on Just-ICE. He's dope.
by Jenetic October 05, 2008
A slightly more righteous sounding name for revenge a.k.a. I'm going to take out all my anger and angst on you by coming up with an elaborate plan that will take a team of five to create, when really, I should be going to therapy.
I am justice.

*I am an emotionally unstable person who is about to make a horrible decision based on my mental and emotional imbalance*
by TheLifeAndTimesOfAnonomys March 19, 2015
Justice is a really swag black boy. Everybody loves him and he is basically a pimp tho. He can be verry sweet and outgoing. But if you get on his bad side he will whoop your ass in seconds. He makes everybody laugh. And always has a smile on his face.
"Wow who is that really hott guy"
"It's justice duhhh."
by princess4479 December 04, 2014

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