A meaningless phrase spouted out after an insult or confession, the literal meaning of which roughly translates either to "Fuck, I shouldn't have said that," or "I'm completely serious." Used often by annoying teenage girls.
Sister: Hey, Doug. I hate you. Just kidding.
Doug: Yeah by this point I think we all know what "just kidding" means.

Girlfriend: I have something important to tell you... I'm not really a virgin... Just kidding!
Doug: Who did you do it with and when?
by LeagueOfLulz July 04, 2011
Top Definition
The universal word for I regret what I just said.

Chelsea: 9+3=8 (looks over at friends problem) just kidding!

Amy: OMG, Laura’s such a fugly bitch!
(Laura’s comes up next to her.)
Amy: just kidding!
by medusa4 September 23, 2006
1. You were just joking around with somebody

2. You were actually serious but decided what you said was actually very mean

3. You were actually serious but since that person took what you said offensively you cover it up by saying" just kidding"

4. When you try to confess to something and that person is either laughing at you in disbelief or just very angry you cover it up by saying just kidding
by :):)(:(:21 September 09, 2010
Used by someone as a way to soften a direct insult by saying it was just a joke, although the person doing the insulting still means the insult after the Just kidding! has been said.
Reggie: "Bob, you're such an asshole!"
Bob: "What?"
Reggie: "Just kidding!"
Bob: "Oh, ok."

Bob now doesn't feel he's been insulted, because he was told that it was a joke, but Reggie still means what he said.
by narhi August 30, 2005
A phrase used by preps when they feel as though they said something stupid. Used frequently. Extremely frequently.
"What's 2 + 2?" "It's 4 you dumbass." "Oh, just kidding!"
by I hate preps. August 03, 2005
The longer way of saying jk.

The proper English way to say in non-internet jargon terms the commonly-used jk.

Phrase that ruins a joke if it's obvious. Often superfluous.

What Fred Armisen as Latin comedian Ferecito on SNL says a lot.

Something you should not say after I love you.
Katrina: Flying a little low today, are we?
Sam: Huh?! Is my fly down? How fuckin' embarassing!
Katrina: Just kidding!
Sam: Good grief! Embarassed the hell outta me, biatch!
Katrina: Hahaaa!

Erick: You better be on your A-game or I'm going to take you to school! You're going to get served. Haha, just kidding.
Mike: Well at least I'm not a twisted freak! Haha, just kidding.

Ferecito: Americans suck! I'm just keeeeediiinggg!

Igby: I love you.
Neena: Aw, how sweet!
Igby: Just kidding, guffaw!
Neena: *runs Igby through the stomach with a pen and whacks him with her handbag until he's unconscious*
by someone took my name =| April 19, 2006
tellin a joke thats not true then saying "just kidding'
or saying something bad then regreting it because the person u called a fuck-face is right next to u
OR telling a joke thats not true then like a year later say "oh yea when i said i backflipped off my house i was just kidden"

(dont say it too much you'll get called a lier ALOT)
Jim:Dave's a curly headed fuck-face.
Dave walks by;
Jim:Oh Phil i was just kidding about Dave, he's a cool guy wit a big dick.
Dave:Why thank you Jim.
by jofrizzle January 31, 2011
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