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used instead of the phrases

1) "don't ask too many stupid/irrelevant questions and just do as you are told,

2 )just shut up and accept things the way they are.

3) go to your corner and think about what you have done; you have been punished for a specific reason

4) work hard using the legendary Protestant work ethic and in the end you will be rewarded
a boy, breakfast, asks his dad:

boy: dad, why do i have to go to class?

dad: because it's fun, you can socialize with people outside the family circle, George. And you gain knowledge that will later permit you to make something out of yourself. And, please, because I am in a bad mood since yesterday, having gotten a parking ticket, please just eat your carrots and broccolli. Then just pick up your things.
by sexydimma October 29, 2012
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