pertaining to someone or something that hinders an opperation. Someone who does not have thier shit together. a scatterbrain, space caddett, an all out mess
What is with this junk show we have to go get krunk

Old head is the biggest junk-show on the plannet
by Bret February 28, 2004
Top Definition
A person that is a walking disaster or that really needs to pull it together.
I was such a junk show because of my hangover, I couldn't get anything done.
by squishee August 12, 2006
One who is a complete joke. ie. seriously awful person
Sarah is a Junkshow.
by gwm2 August 26, 2006
see junk-show
We could start playing cards if that junk-show Travito showed up
by Bret February 28, 2004
A messy situation; an example of sloppy handiwork; a consequence of poor planning; a gathering that has descended into debauchery and chaos
"Dude, you're about to head out on a river trip and you haven't packed a lifejacket or nearly enough beer. You're runnin' a junkshow!"

Or, "The trip was a complete junkshow. By the second day we had gotten into the hard liquor, and by the third day everyone was dancing on the tabletops."
by Desertrose5418 August 16, 2008
Junkshow: n. When a dude thinks it's hot to put his dick through the fly in his jeans and dance around.
Did you see Mike perform that total junkshow? What a tool.
by dfuf July 06, 2011
Janky, janktified, worthless
Our janky friend BDef was a total junk-show.
by BD February 26, 2004

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