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A white person having an intense attraction to black people, and vice-versa.
I must have jungle fever, all I see is beautiful black women!
by Jerremmmey December 17, 2008
An inter-racial relation ship.
"Man that white homeboy can't get enough of my chocolate ass"
by Eric Krack December 06, 2002
When one dates outside their race, particularly caucasian and afro american.
"Jungle fever"= Black guy dating a white girl; or a black girl dating a white guy.
by Don't use your name May 08, 2009
When a person has love for somebody from another race.
Look at him talking to that white girl he got "Jungle Fever"
by Munkyman22 July 08, 2009
A terrible syndrome that has afflicted many caucasian women. They have some type of unfinished business with their fathers which makes them crave the black man's meat stick. This typically results in the eventual death of the subject. Size really does matter to these overweight, stringy haired sugar mamas. They generally work in Human Resource type jobs.
"Oh my God, Ellen has jungle fever. Did you see her walking bow-legged when that Tyrone guy brought her back from lunch?"
by Running out of patience February 13, 2008
When a white male shows a very sexual interest black females
White guy 1: My gf's name is Sarah, hot ass blond with a tight ass.
White guy 2: My gf's name is Lisa a brunette.

White guy 3: My gf's name is Latoya, she got a fat ass!

White guy 1 and 2: lol you got jungle fever!

White guy 3: so fucking what!(beats both there asses and gets laid later on that night with gf.)
by Jake13th September 11, 2010
A song by young and upcoming rock band Sobra Kobra, based in Massachusetts.
I got the Jungle Fever, I ain't lookin' for a cure. When you got the Jungle Fever, you'll always come back for more!
by Ronnie James Frito March 27, 2011
A guy or girl that is attracted to a black girl/guy. It can be either a physical attraction, or more than that. Applies to hookups and relationships.
My best friend Jessica has that jungle fever, she just can't get enough of that chocolate dick.

A: I want to be single now, and stay away from guys. I swear!
*black guy walks by*
A: I take it back !
B: Damn you got that jungle fever baddd
by damnnngirl November 09, 2011