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An inter-racial relationship, namely between a white person and a black person.
John has jungle fever, can get enough of that black pussy.
by kane April 27, 2003
1780 853
When a white male shows a very sexual interest black females
White guy 1: My gf's name is Sarah, hot ass blond with a tight ass.
White guy 2: My gf's name is Lisa a brunette.

White guy 3: My gf's name is Latoya, she got a fat ass!

White guy 1 and 2: lol you got jungle fever!

White guy 3: so fucking what!(beats both there asses and gets laid later on that night with gf.)
by Jake13th September 11, 2010
56 50
When a white bitch want some of that good ol' black shlong & when a white nigga want some of that banging black coochie
"Samantha that black dicking I got last night was Clutch I sooo have jungle fever now"
by Buckiebadass January 27, 2014
1 4
Oakland slang for a speedball, heroin mixed with cocaine, so-called because cocaine is known as white girl and heroin in the Western U.S. is often brown or off-white in color.
Mix that brown sugar with the white girl and you have jungle fever.
by thuqsta October 30, 2009
7 24
1. <i>Any</i> interracial sexual relationship. A black man who likes white women is also said to have "jungle fever". Some people associate the "jungle" with liking black people, but that is not the best use of the term. The Fever is generally seen as affecting both parties.

Mostly refers to interracial attraction because of stereotypes or curiosity. In Spike Lee's film (the origin of the term's popularity) both characters are referred to as suffering the 'disease' and are criticized by members of their race for the relationship.
2. Malaria
See Stevie Wonder's Song:

<i>I've</i> Got jungle fever
She's got jungle fever
<i>We've</i> got jungle fever
by KittyKat05 September 09, 2006
28 135
white woman and black guy having sex
jenna at bj's party
by Anonymous October 30, 2003
34 147
when bitches like christina do anything for a black dick up thier pussy so they can get pregnant and have a child with no child support being payed
christinaa has jungle fever, loves niggers, had 4 nigger kids and gets no child support at all
by niggersz September 29, 2012
5 121
It was first used for White people to describe another White person that is attracted to a Black person or another Race that is dark skinned .Then in 1980s or after Spike Lee movie call Jungle which was about a Black man and a White women and vice versa it was used for when a Black person and a White person who are attracted to each other .Now it used for anyone who is attracted to the opposite race .And Yes it is not just a name it is really fever and some people have it really bad there is no cure for it but you can catch by being around or confined with people the opposite race . It has different parts to it Chocolate fever is when the person with jungle fever is attracted to a Black person Vanilla fever is when a person is attracted to a White person Matzo fever is when a person is attracted to a jew .El Feva is when a person is attracted to a Hispanic person and so on and so fourth .
Did you see Jenny with that Black Guy she totally has Jungle Fever .

Chad I got a boner off a Black girl today I so totally caught jungle fever .

Guuuurl did you see Tyrone with that white girl that Brotha got dat jungle fever .

Hey ese that Asain girl Turn me on I think i got that Jungle Fever .
by Mister MANNER December 18, 2010
7 128