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a) form of dancing, like bumping and grinding.

b) you could be a jungle bunny baller, which refers to being good at basketball.
That girl in the red is dancing like a jungle bunny.

Look at that sexy jungle bunny baller.
by Stephanie Ann March 23, 2007
Female who goes to a lot of bars.
1960's urban term
That girl is a jungle bunny.
by Dr. Wilbur Young May 21, 2004
In the drum and bass/jungle community, "jungle bunny" refers to an attractive female who loves to listen to jungle and/or drops her own jungle records.
"Dude, check out that jungle bunny droppin' that new Evol Intent track- she's hot!"
by Allie July 30, 2004
1.someone being excessivley bitchy and being stupid 24/7
2. a nickname for andrew wells, when he exibits the above criteria
damn andrew, you are being a real jungle bunny today!
by Bob April 16, 2005
a man discribes jungle bunny to a woman as a "nice body" *wink wink*
Kasey is a jungle bunny dude check out that rack
by Kahleea Eckert June 17, 2005