A Punk-Rock Beezy from Marin City( The Jungle!)A Jungle Hoe with no money, smarts, or sense. Just a pussy to GIVE away!! For the F( FREE!!)
Damn cuz, Im tired of these ran- through Jungle Bunnies!! Le do it movin to something worth respectin, SOMEWHAT!! The Hoe a played the fuck out!! LOL!!
by MIKE WEEZ (41{5}10) June 08, 2005
Fuckers who don't prestige in modern warfare 2 because they dont want to loose their guns and their camo.
Straight guy: Why don't you prestige you jungle bunny fucker?

Gay guy: I dont wanna loose my guns and camo *takes it in the ass*
by HomeJiveTurkey June 10, 2010
The term used for a black male of the homosexual persuasion.
-hey you see that fag tyrone
-yeah hes a jungle bunny
by Tyrone Biggums III July 18, 2008
I heard its another name for a raver?
by ZCh1ll October 10, 2008
EARLY 1990's WORD FOR A NO-GOOD, TRASHY, HOOD-RAT, GIVING IT UP TO EVERYBODY, TYPE OF FEMALE. (I guess since we are now in the NEW millenium, people call African-American men "Jungle Bunnies"!)
Man, that broad 'aint nothing but a jungle bunny! She gon be around fo' a minit!
by Mrs. Scott December 16, 2006
In the gay community, a junglebunny is a little white gay boy who wants to be picked up by black men only. In essence, he goes "hopping" over to the dark side: I.e. "the Jungle" to look for a mate.
On rob,....David's not your type,......he's a total junglebunny! Last I hear, he was with Tyrone.
by fauxvian November 06, 2006
A very painful manuver inflicted to a boy or man by two other people. The 1st person walks up to the targeted victom face to face and says or does something to distract them. Once the person is oblivious to what is going on behind them, the 2nd person shoves a long, sturdy object (thick broomsticks are best) between the victoms legs so the 1st person can grab it. Once both people have a hold of the broomstick, the 1st person violently yanks upward on it 3 to 5 times. nutshot twap
Joe was being a jerk so Jason and Dan gave him a junglebunny.
by Thundernuts December 10, 2003

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