More than 4 generations of a black family living in a two bedroom flat at any one time....

Extensive breeding due to lack off job, money and legal passport
in "underpriveledged areas" or "ghettos" as more commonly known
by Jren May 19, 2004
A dirty smelly black person. Jungle refers to the fact that niggers aren't fully evolved, a bit like apes. They like to steal and sell drugs. They also smell of shit.
"You smell like shit, jungle bunny"

Use of 'jungle' can be used to refer to niggers
e.g. When in a bar full of theives and/or rapists...
"I can't see for the jungle"
by Dr. Dray December 01, 2005
An attractive female who listens to jungle, drum and bass, or any other type of bass heavy electronic music. Often characterized by their provocative, urban, and/or flashy fashion sense and their addiction to everything related to the electronic bass music scene (i.e. dancing, mixing records, spinning poi, etc).
Check out that jungle bunny getting down on the dance floor.
by Trecoolatta April 27, 2012
a name for the homeless who live in the woods next to the cowichan river in duncan, BC.
Vancouver Island is becoming such a zoo, with all the jungle bunnies and river chimps.
by K.C. Gertrude July 22, 2008
any nigger

from the fact that they are very little evolved from apes
ex:huge nose, fat lips, and dark skninned

also the fact that the city is referred to as the jungle and niggers can jump exceptionally high and far
Me:Hey Jimmy guess what we call a blacky-boo!
Me: Junglebunny!

by Johnny Rebel's cousin Brandon August 27, 2006
Any girl who has an amazing smile and the best laugh. Her eyes are some of the most beautiful you will see and she is the absolute best to be around. She often has beautiful dark hair.
Dude 1: So, I was talking to Mariah the other day...
Dude 2: You mean that stunning jungle bunny?
by Swaddled Baby October 08, 2011
A term for an urban black woman who is athletic,attractive and may or may not ski. Prefers Urban Outfitters over the slopes.
I'm a Jungle bunny, not a Snow bunny, Sweetie.
by Melange-One smart sugarbabe March 17, 2011
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